An information system is the heart of a company. It is the sole place where you can find everything that you need in your business. Put an end to dozens of open Excel sheets and hundreds of papers on your desk, stop sending scans of documents through email or carrying them up and down the stairs. Instead of sending SMS messages and phone calling, leave a message in the system and delegate the task to your subordinates or colleagues.

Imagine a complete solution for your whole company or department. This one system is then connected to applications and modules. Web application for working in a browser. Mobile application for working on the road. Stored data can be further used for Business Intelligence or other purposes – for example, a daily control of data and execution of operations on them, and informing particular employees of the results of the operations.

Let a computer take care of a monotonous work – application can learn according to your actions and offer you suggestions.
We will develop exactly what you need. We will help you from the beginning to the end – no need to worry that we would require you to get everything ready and then you would only receive a code from us and that´s it.

  • Together, we will find out what is the most suitable solution.
  • We will prepare an analysis, suggest possible solutions and go through all of it step by step.
  • If you agree to a solution, we will get to work. You will be informed during tis phase and any additional requests will be included (through agile development).
  • After development, there will be a phase of testing – both automatic and manual tests that enable to uncover all amiss so that you wouldn´t have any troubles later.
  • Finally, we will help you launch the application in your company and can also train your employees.
  • We will render you continuous support and implement any further requests and new functions to the application as desired.


A correctly designed BI will help you plan ahead and evaluate past activities.

  • Count – find out how your company is doing financially, which customers are most significant for you, and who you should target.
  • Simplify meetings – instead of long preparation of materials, make your meeting more effective by clicking just once and seeing everything clearly – all of your current and historical data.
  • Plan – find you strengths and weaknesses, find out where you have the largest sales and target the right clientele.
  • Evaluate – do you need to know how your employees are doing? The numbers will tell you everything.
  • Save – instead of rewriting figures from multiple system into Excel and then creating tables, have your graphs and tables ready automatically.
  • Increase efficiency – all of the time saved thanks to BI can be used to do another work. Or to go home earlier.


Web applications are a common form of modern application – this is owing to their following advantages:

  • Multi-platform solutions – it matters no more if your company uses Windows, Linux distributions, or MacOS.
  • Accessible – you can access it from any device connected to the web.
  • Safe – your application can be set up to work only as intranet – no one outside of your company can access it.
  • Responsive – uch better scaling on your display – a web application can be used as an alterative to a mobile application, however, you will lose several benefits such as push notifications offered by native mobile app.
  • Less demanding for your clients´ devices – your application can no more run on computers of all of your employees – the main computing power is in one server (or cloud) and you can use light ultrabooks.
  • Your own server or a cloud solution – according to you preferences, you can choose between using your own server in your company of leaving it up to us and having everything in cloud – the price is more advantageous and moreover, you can easily scale the performance according to the growth of your business.


Mobile applications to supplement your information system

Having the data at your disposal at any time can be a great competitive advantage. Make notes and save entries about clients straight away at the meeting.
Do you need your clients to have access to their data in your system, such as previous orders? Give them this simple tool to communicate with you, it saves time and energy to both sides.
Occasionally, even on holiday there is a need to edit or solve something – you have your mobile phone on you, with all data, no need to carry a laptop on top or search for a public computer – which could also constitute a security risk.

Independent mobile applications

Are you interested in tailor-made application without any other systems and connections? We will develop the app according to your needs, both for Android and iOS.


Are you interested in a desktop application for Windows? Are you looking for a solution for IoT or you need a cloud server for processing data?
Contact us and we will find a solution together.

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