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Creating information systems

Use the tools that will help your company grow. Don’t loose time with workarounds in your old system. We will help you simplify your current processes and implement systems that will support them. Automize all repetitive work and benefit from the extra time you will get.

What we offer

Systems tailored-made for your company

Today, it is essential to have a system that will help you, not vise versa. Thanks to a tailor-made system, you can include all of the particularities of your company in a final product that will make your work tasks easier and all your employees will understand it.

You will shorten the time necessary to insert or look up data, simplify your work routine, and offer your clients more than your competitors. You can dedicate the saved time to your business activities.

Implementation of our systems, adjusted to your needs

We are currently developing three types of information systems that we can implement in your company immediately, or adjust according to your needs. As opposed to developing a brand new system, we can significantly shorten the necessary time to implementation and lower the costs for your company

If you wish to learn more about these systems, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail, phone, or through a contact form on our Contact page.


An information system for TEFL/lie training centers or language schools that connects administrators, teachers, and students, and covers the complete agenda of managing a course.

SLAB for Non-Profit

A system for non-profit organizations that need to maintain order in managing clients, orders, activities, and various project, as well as reporting to the state authorities.


A system designed for manufacturing companies with their own products. Managing orders and contracts, tracking status of items in production, calendar of client visit and service trip, printing of handover protocols, mobile version for field employees including their personal calendar of events, and many more.


Mobile web is a priority

When developing your system, we pay special attention to responsiveness, in other words we ensure that your employees and clients can work with the app on any device. As a result, all work can be doe on and iPad or a smart phone, without the need of sitting in the office and using a large monitor. We prepare the elements of the app so that the app is usable on smaller devices, while ensure that the UX does not suffer on larger screens.


Your business in numbers

An integral part of our systems is a reporting center where you can find all kinds of graphs and tables. We can offer you both dashboards and exports to Excel for further data processing. Make your decisions based on data and uncover weak points before it is too late.

Don’t burden yourself with the care of servers if you don’t need to

Software as a service – application runs on our servers

Lower the cost of system operations and avoid outages. We host apps on our own servers in a datacenter in Prague, fully secured and monitored 24/7. SLA and data backups outside of the datacenter goes without saying. You will get easy access to the app without worrying about the service tasks.

However, if you need to run the app on your own servers, we will agree on options, hardware requirements, and forms of updates. After all, it is your system.

Do you want more information?

Contact us

A development of a new system is often a long-distance run and nothing can be omitted. Contact us and we will go over the needs of your company and propose a solution. Consultation is for free, no need to worry to inquire.