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What we do

Ready for mobile

When developing every web pages, we always concentrate on mobile devices as their usage for browsing the Internet rises every year. More and more customers will view your web form a mobile and you need them to experience a pleasant visit.

We will set it up for you

Not comfortable with the hosting, registration of domains, CMS, DNS records, or mySQL databases? No worries, we will take care of all the settings and just hand over the login details to you after all is completed.


It is not comfortable to call the web creator every time you need to change the contact number on your pages. Thanks to a CMS (content management system) in your language, you have the possibility to do these little changes yourself. And if the adjustment is more complex and you cannot handle it on your own, we will be happy to help you.


visitors use a mobile device


user leave a page immediately if outdated


people believe that pages should be as beautiful on mobile as on a desktop

Have it designed

Chat with our designer

Our designer will make your pages look exactly according to your wildest dreams and will also give you tips where you will not have a clear vision. Together, you will prepare the main logic of the pages, choose the color combinations and suitable elements, and decide on the look on mobile devices.

Optimization for browsers


We will deliver optimization for browser such as Google, or Seznam, and brief you about effective wording of your texts and smart building of new pages so that the browser can correctly evaluate the content. Ditch the last pages of browser, shine on the first spots and reach maximum of clients.

Analysis of visitors

Google Analytics

We will interconnect your pages with Google Analytics and you will easily monitor the activity of the visitors of your web. You can track the daily visits, the rate of conversions, demographic data, and the general behavior of your visitors.